Sync of Kuramoto-oscillator Networks: In the eyes of control



報告題目:Sync of Kuramoto-oscillator Networks: In the eyes of control

報告人:李翔 教授

報告時間2020/12/17 10:00-11:00

報告形式:騰訊會議(ID189 946 360

報告摘要:Synchronization as a typical collective phenomenon emerges in many complex systems, and has attracted world-wide attention from science, engineering, sociology, and so forth. With the fast rising and development of network science, the Kuramoto-oscillator model is becoming one of the most pervasive paradigms for investigating collective synchronous behaviors. This talk collects the latest advances of synchronization of Kuramoto-oscillator networks as well as several applications, such as locking of circuit oscillators, frequency synchronization in power grids, collective motion of self-propelled vehicles. Besides, we specially address the intra-layer and inter-layer synchronization of multi-layer Kuramoto-oscillator networks, along with the stability analysis of Kuramoto-oscillator networkvs with and without control. Some potential future directions conclude this talk finally.